Company Logos

Fujitsu Computer Products of America Inc

Senior Software Engineer

2013 - Present

Key Achievements:
• Built prototypes using ASP Core for Azure Marketplace integration for cloud document scanning SaaS application. Handle setting up of Marketplace offering on Microsoft Partner Center portal and handled SaaS landing page and using SaaS Fulfillment API for metered billing events.

• Built prototypes of cloud document release system using ASP MVC and ASP Core to handle document flow from Azure File Shares to Azure Functions to transfer the documents that triggers services to process the documents in containers.

• Azure cloud document capturing and processing system prototype utilizing App Service for web frontends, Cosmos DB and Azure Blob Storage for temporary and permanent storage, AKS(Kubernetes) clusters and Docker containers for handling processing of image processing, Service Bus for communications between services and Logic Apps for connections to final storage locations like OneDrive, SharePoint Online.

• Lead in development of ASP.MVC web scanning application that utilizes SignalR, webhooks to capture documents from scanner into server. SignalR used for updating document scanning status received by webhooks to web pages.

• Designed, architected and developed connector application from scanning server to cloud storage providers using providers REST API?s. Connector application includes OAuth2 authentication login, exception handling and upload throttling. Application database CRUD using Entity Framework?s Code First from database.

• Generate project daily builds for QA Team to perform regression test and incremental additions to current software release version. Run daily scrum meeting with off-shore development team to ensure project sprints are completed in a timely manner.